What is God doing in our day around the world?  Most of my kingdom work is centered in an American cultural context.  But what is God doing beyond the box of Western and American thinking about Christianity? Join us this Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome Dr. Chris DeWelt to the show.  We will be looking at God and global Christianity.  Chris comes to the discussion with the experience of having lived in the cultural context of Chile for 8 years and has served in close to 80 other countries and cultures.  Presently Chris serves as Director and Professor of Intercultural Studies at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Mo.

What is God up to around the world?  What does authentic Christianity look like in other countries and cultures around the globe?  What is it about authentic Christianity that transcends culture?  How can we be involved in God’s work no matter where we are on the earth?  Those and many other questions will be part of the discussion Sunday night.  Don’t miss this exciting internationally charged live webcast.  You are welcome to send in questions ahead of time or you can participate live through our SND Google + page, our SND Face Book page, or through the comment section here.  So be sure to plan ahead and grab a friend and we’ll see you tomorrow night.


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