SND“All the church wants is my money!”  Have you heard that before?  Have you said or wondered that before?  So what about it?  Does the church talk too much about money?  Sure, there are some real shyster preachers with funny ties out there trying to get your cash.  But do they represent the Church as a whole?  On the other hand, there are countless people in our world who are not only in huge financial debt, but are also actually enslaved to money and possessions and are looking to God for some answers.  So it makes one wonder if maybe the Church is actually not talking about money and possessions enough.  What we know from the Bible is that God does have a plan for money and the problem may actually have nothing to do with possessions themselves, but rather somewhere deep in our hearts.  Where is the balance?  Join us tonight at 8p Central as we welcome Lawrence Turner to the show to talk about God and Money.  Lawrence is a Christ follower with a background in Banking and presently serves as Vice President and Relationship Manager with Church Developent Fund.  Send us questions now of live here or through our Goolge + SND page.


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