SNDCan the Kingdom be saved? Obviously the answer is yes as the true Kingdom of Heaven will never fail. Jesus said so and history has demonstrated  such throughout the nations and ages. However there has been much writing over the past decade about the growing number of millennials and gen Xers who are leaving the Church every year. Panic has been the path of some while others have pointed to new music and tech as the golden ticket to reach this ever growing generational question.  But could it be that sometimes the issue is simply one of misunderstanding how different generations think and why they process life as they do?

A huge reason for launching SND in the first place was to answer the questions of millennials and to put forward a clear message of Jesus Christ and the authentic Kingdom of God without the trappings of tradition.  We hope to again accomplish that task Sunday night along with bringing insight to all the living generations that make up the true Church.  Our ultimate hope is that we might also be able to answer questions of the skeptics on what this whole Christian experience truly is beyond the media hype.

So join us Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome author, Haydn Shaw, to the live webcast for the discussions.  From Haydn’s research he’s come to conclude that “Christianity isn’t dying, millennials aren’t the problem, and the future is bright.”  We will be giving away a free copy of his new book, Generational IQ toward the end of the show.

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