SNDIt’s a valid question! Can we trust the Bible? Many Christians hold their hope and build their world view around the Bible. But is it reliable? Is it really the authentic word of God? Or, on the other hand, is it something else; something of mere human origin? Is it just a good piece of literature? Has it been translated too many times to know for sure? Is it just a good book or morals? Can it really be any different from the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or the teachings of Buda? What about the Jesus spoken of in the Bible? Can we trust the Biblical accounts of Christ or was he simply a historical person no greater than Julius Caesar?

Those are all real questions that we want to humbly address this Sunday night on the “Discussions.” So join us this week at 8p Central as we welcome our special guest, Dr. Terry Bowland from Ozark Christian College. Questions can be sent in here or directly through viewing the show on the “Sunday Night Discussions” Goolge + page.

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