SNDCan a dying church live again?  The Bible tells us that Jesus came to bring life and life to the fullest.  Yet the first application there is to us as individuals.  So what about a local community of Christ? While we know that the eternal and universal CHURCH will never be defeated there is a question mark on local churches throughout the ages.  In history we can see that a number of churches have ceased to exist and places like the country of Turkey are key examples of this.  Do all churches merely have a life cycle?  Can churches that have lost their life be turned around? Join us this Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome our guest, John Davis, who is a pastor in the throes of this difficult ministry. Working with God to see a church turn the corner from death to life is a tough job and I’ve had some experience in that realm myself.

If you love the CHURCH and the church as it should be then this week’s show is for you.Make plans now to join us Sunday here at 8p Central.  If you are watching and listening through Google + you can send in live questions.  The blog here and Facebook are options as well and you can also send in questions early.  As usual we will be giving away a free resource toward the end of the program.

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