Ladies of the Court; or, Women in Ministry.

Well I was planning on getting to this issue sometime this year, but the Germans beat me to it.  Last week in Berlin, the Lutheran Church of Germany announced that it had elected Margot Kaessmann as its first woman to lead the church where she received 132 out 145 votes in their general assembly.  Some of the folks there described her as a “cross between Mother Teresa and Demi Moore”.  I like Mother Teresa, but I’m not sure how being like Demi Moore qualifies someone for church leadership.  Ok, honestly I really don’t know anything about Kaessmann and don’t have a lot of time to do homework on her.  But of course it all does bring up that tumultuous question of how women fit into church leadership.  Like just about everything else with theology and practical ministry, there are extremes. But where’s the balance?  Where are the Kingdom principles?  I don’t have all the answers, but what we’ll do for now is look at three Biblical observations and then follow that up with six practical points.  So grab a cup of java and let’s go. (more…)