Touching the World.

Touching the World.

SNDWorld Evangelism, Global Outreach. I love those words.  The truth is that I have been transformed by Jesus Christ and I have the privilege of being part of His team which makes the message of God known to the world. The truth is; we all have that same privilege and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in the discussions this Sunday night. What is the real need in the world? What kind of opportunities do we have for global outreach in the early 21st century? What is the actual responsibility of Christ followers to convey that message to others? How can we see that mission carried out in our time and in the lives of those who follow us?  Join us live Sunday night at 8p central as we welcome one of the big mentors in my life, Max Goins, who has served as a local pastor and foreign missionary around the world for almost 50 years.  World Evangelism – Global Outreach is the ministry that Max formed in 1991 with the purpose of reaching the lost and training disciples and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Join us here or on our Sunday Night Discussions Google + page and be sure to send in questions early. As always we will be giving away a free recourse toward the end of the show.

Entirely Equal but Defiantly Different!

Russian IWD Poster.

Today is International Women’s Day which is a big thing in parts of the world like Europe.  The first time I heard about this celebration was when Deb and I lived in Russia back in the mid 90s where IWD is a huge deal.  The roots of this movement began in the early 1900s on the heels of the industrial revolution where women experienced great oppression and unfairness.  In 1908, some 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay, and voting rights.  This movement continued in other countries and the first official day of celebration was held in Austria in 1911 and followed in the US with the 19th Amendment in 1920.  On this day of celebration I’m remembering some influential ladies in my life and am thankful for them, but I’m also a bit saddened at the agenda of the modern feminist movement.  Is this because I’m opposed to women’s suffrage and really am a chauvinist at heart?  No.  Rather, it’s because I am totally for women and sense that what has arisen out of this healthy and right call for equality has now morphed into a recipe for tears.  The problem that many may not grasp is the mistake of equating equality for sameness and thus a drive to purposefully remove any difference between the genders. (more…)

To Sign or Not To Sign? (Thoughts on Church Membership)

Recently we had our first “Official” membership class at the Crossings and it was a lot of fun.  It was just neat to see so many new and old faces excited about what God is doing in our own little part of the Kingdom.  It was neat to see people stepping up to the plate in heartfelt commitment.  Now I understand that in the greater body of Christ there’s been some debate as to what to do with Church membership.  Some claim it is not a Biblical principle and others hold the opposite position and see it as a great practicality for our day.  On my part I lean toward the second camp, so I’ve listed 7 reasons at the bottom of the post as to why we’ve gone with a formal membership at The Crossings.  But I think the greatest reason why I fall on the side of a designated church membership for the located body of Christ actually comes from a true story from our time in the former Soviet Union(more…)