On Church Admission, Part II.

To start with I want to clarify that when we’re talking about “church” in this section of Kingdomology, we’re talking about the CHURCH universal.  We’re talking about the connection that all Christ followers have across the world and for all time.  We’re not talking about a local body of believers like First Christian Church in Liverpool, NY.  In other words, these are the folks who live in different parts of the world and from different time frames that may or may not have slightly different scriptural interpretations than me, but are still in the same family of God by grace alone.  We’re still Kingdom of Heaven Citizens.  I do believe there is a place for local body church membership.  But that’s another post.  For now though, there is another point which the Bible includes as being part of the admission to God’s Church, and that point deals with ‘repentance.”  (more…)