Regarding The Sound of Freedom.    (A Robust Response to a Rancid Review.)

Regarding The Sound of Freedom. (A Robust Response to a Rancid Review.)

Honest review of The Sound of Freedom movie?  Really? Wow – and this is called journalism? No, this is ultra-liberal, hedonistic, atheistic, and ludicrous propaganda – plain and simple – if not worse. I’ve not seen the flick yet simply because I’m a bit short of cash right now. But I know enough to see the willful insanity in this review and thus am more than ever committed to seeing it soon. To compare this (based on a true story) film to QAnon is asinine and insane at best. Are Charles Bramesco, Betsy Reed and The Guardian US and their other deranged ilk truly this unintelligent, or is something more sinister at play here?

What is undergirding this simplistic, ignorant, and contentious writing? Money? Politics? Arrogance? Or maybe the higher-ups pressuring Charles Bramesco to do their bidding for reasons we cannot know? Why on earth did he write this profoundly rancid review? Perhaps Bramesco believes what he has written himself. We all know this is a huge evil problem – why is his denial so hard? Why are Bramesco and others creating a straw man out of the film by equating it to Right-wing nut jobs? Well – you’re smart; connect the dots. (more…)

Does it Work?  (Christianity that is.)

Does it Work?  (Christianity that is.)

Sometimes Boris would drive me nuts.  I mean really drive me nuts.  Ok, sometimes I suppose he just ticked me off if we’re being honest here.  I remember well the afternoons that Boris would come into our office at the college we rented from in Moscow, Russia.  We’d play chess and discuss everything from politics, to Christianity, to philosophy.  I liked playing chess with Boris because he was just about the only Russian over the age of 12 that I could actually beat.    The reason Boris pushed me to the edge sometimes was because he clearly had little interest in discussion for discovery, but rather just for the sake of being argumentative.  Boris longed for the Communist to retake the government in the national elections of 96.  Boris quoted Paul McCartney with as much reverence as the apostle Paul.  Boris referred to both Vladimir Lenin  and John Lennon with equal admiration while joking about Jesus.  Boris would deny the credibility of the Bible while all the time never acknowledging the proofs I’d give for its inerrancy.  Boris just liked to argue and I suppose that’s probably normal for a young man in his late teens and early 20s. I’m sure I’ve got my own history of annoying folks with my arguments as well.  So if you’re out there Boris, please know that I really do love you and miss you.

One of the criticisms of Christianity that Boris would level at me periodically was the supposition that Christianity was simply not practical. “It didn’t do much,” he’d say.  Maybe he was contrasting me to the Bolsheviks of old or something.  But for whatever reason he had that idea, I tried to illustrate to him that Christianity is anything but impractical.  (more…)

The Sacred verses Secular or “Being Salt and Light in a Politically Correct World.”

For the discussions this evening we’ll dive into the question of Christian influence in the public sector and culture? Is authentic Christianity something that should remain behind the church house steps or allowed to permeate society? Some would argue the famed “Separation of Church and State” philosophy while others suggest that Christian influence in culture is a good and needed practice. Join us this tonight at 8p as we examine this question.