The Debster, Dr. Miranda, and Our Kingdom Calling.

The Debster, Dr. Miranda, and Our Kingdom Calling.

For our friends who have been following Deb’s medical condition over the past 14 months we’re happy to report that her recent gallbladder surgery went very well.  In pre-op she was asked if there were any other piercings that needed to be taken care of before the procedure.  At that I told the nurse that I had suggested to Deb a while back that she get a belly ring.  My request didn’t go too far.  The big news though is that she is regaining strength on the right side of her body and the pain seems to be subsiding.  We are chalking this up simply to miraculous as there is nothing that we’ve done to initiate the change.  So we’re praising God and are enormously grateful for the doctors that have personally walked with us during Debi’s medical journey.

Over my years in ministry I’ve interacted with a lot of doctors and medical staff. Every time I meet one of these physicians I’m always impressed with their ability and gifting.  With Deb’s condition we have met a number of highly competent medical professionals including Dr. Erika Simpson of Houston MethodistDr. Kang of Cypress Fairbanks Hospital, and Dr. Miranda who performed Deb’s gallbladder surgery.  Again and again I’ve noted the ability in these brilliant people and thanked God for their skill. (more…)

Hit Someone For Jesus!

Hit Someone For Jesus!


No, we’re not asking for a fight. However, we are asking what you’re passionate about.  Football fans will know that “hit someone” is a common call when heading out onto the field and especially for the D-Line.  “Hit someone” means that we’re going to make something happen.  So; what are the God given passions deep down in your heart and what are you doing with them?  Join us for our final show of the season this Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome business and ministry leader Steve Spicer to the show.  Steve’s passion is first for Jesus and then for helping men realize and live out their God given passions.  Steve is co-founder of a ministry called Marked Men For Christ which has built up well over 6000 men in 25 countries representing some 2000 churches since its inception in 2001

While we will be addressing manhood in our modern culture, the pursuit of passion will apply to ladies as well.  So make plans now to stop in for the discussions tomorrow night at 8p Central.  You can watch live here and send in questions via the blog or connect on my personal FB page or the SND Facebook page.  You can also view and send in questions directly to the SND Google + Page. As always, questions and comments can be sent in early and we will definitely be offering free resources at the end of the show.  In fact, Steve noted that he will offer a $50.00 savings on a MMFC weekend registration for viewers.


Barbara Walters, John, and the Number of Our Days.

GTY_barbara_walters_sr_140515_4x3t_384Where did the time go? That question has probably been on the mind of Barbara Walters of late. This past week Walters announced her retirement from the news media after a very long and illustrative career. As far back as I can remember she has been a household name of not only female reporters but in the world of journalism in general. Her gifts in life have added much to the landscape of the news media we know today.

In an interview last week she recalled some of her regrets in life and I found it interesting that at the top of the list was a longing to have had spent more time with her daughter. Her story is not foreign and I’ve witnessed similar occasions in my ministry career. Stories of people in their retirement years who aren’t so much concerned about a missed step up in the pecking order, but rather a missed relationship with those at the bottom, those closest to them, their own family and other loved ones. This seems to be a sad reality that so many of us are susceptible to.


Life on Purpose!

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150Last season Robert and I hosted a discussion on the nature of Man.  At root were such questions as “where did we come from, who are we, and where are we going.”  We discussed the connection of origins and whether we are merely mistakes of natural chance or direct purposeful creations or a divine creator.  Tonight we’re taking that discussion to the next level and asking the question of one’s purpose or calling in life.  Are we created with a specific calling and purpose that exists only for us or do we live in a more general realm of possibilities?  Is there a balance or does it even matter as long we remain in the general will of God?  Tonight we’ll be joined by my brother, Eric Hinton, who is Dean of Students at Dallas Christian College.  Eric spends most of his days with young adults who are asking some of these very same questions.


So make plans to join us tonight at 8p Central for the discussions.  You can send in questions early or even during the show via Google + or on our SND Face Book page.  You can also send in questions and comments on my personal FB page or here on the blog. This week we will also do a “Week in Review.”


Grab some coffee, a diet coke, or a brew and we’ll see you then.