“Sunday Night Discussions” Is Going Live!

It’s official! This Sunday at 8p central in the US, “Sunday Night Discussions” will be launching here on Kingdomology.  So what’s SND?  Well I’m really glad you asked.  In short, SND will be a venue for hard questions regarding faith and exploring the deeper Kingdom of God beyond mere religion.  In this live webcast format, my friend, Robert Tippett and I will be discussing a number of questions that people have about life, faith, and what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of God.  The purpose of the live webcast is to offer up some real answers to honest questions regarding faith and at the same time illustrate how God’s Kingdom really does intersect with us in the here and now.  Periodically we will have guest on the show and if you have a Google+ account you are definitely encouraged to send in questions while the show is live.  We’re looking forward to a fun time and I’m praying that SND will be a benefit to both those who are seeking answers as well as those who are growing in their faith.  So grab a friend and join us this Sunday for our Maiden Voyage of SND.