Engaging Culture and Navigating Opposing Views.

Engaging Culture and Navigating Opposing Views.

Jesus said that His followers would be salt and light in the world.  But how does that play out when the worldview of authentic Christianity and our modern culture are often in direct opposition to one another?  What is at root of these opposing views and how can the message of Christ be brought into cultural questions?  Does ancient Christianity have anything to say to our modern world? Has the Church forgotten how to respond to the cultural challenges? Has the link between the Bible and world been lost? Join us tonight at 8p Central as we explore this and other questions facing the Church today on Sunday Night Discussions. This week we will sit down with our guest Brandon Wolfram to look at how followers of Jesus can regain a confidence in the Word of God as an intellectual, moral, and philosophical system that grounds humanity.  Do you have questions on this subject?  Then feel free to send in those questions and comments here or via our “Sunday Night Discussions” Google + page or Facebook page.

Is Evangelicalism Intellectually Relevant?

Is Evangelicalism Intellectually Relevant?

SNDDoes traditional evangelical Christianity have anything to say in our modern time?  With the rise of millennial thinking can early 20th century Fundamentalism and present Evangelicalism effectively meet the needs of today or must we turn to new forms of spirituality for the heart, head, and hand?  Join us this evening at 8p Central as we welcome Dr. Gary Zustiak to SND.  Gary is an educator, counselor, youth specialist and millennial expert. We will also be giving away a copy of Gary’s book, The Next Generation: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Generation X

So feel free to send in questions now and we’ll see you later on this evening.

The SND Christmas Show and Season Finale. Live from England!

I’m excited about our final Sunday Night Discussions show of the season at 8p central on the 22nd.  This week we’ll have two guests live from England with us.  One of them is an incredibly encouraging guy named Larry Kineman who makes Santa feel boring.  I’ve known Larry since the summer of 1988 when I worked with him on a college mission trip to Chile and he’s always been a huge blessing to me and many others around the world.  For our time this week we’ll continue our conversation and questions surrounding Christian influence in culture with a special emphasis on how that can take place in Britain and any post-modern setting.  While Larry is actually a Yank, he’s been in the United Kingdom for over 20 years and he’ll be joined by Ryan Muliette who is from the UK and has been working for over a year to plant a church from scratch in an area with little or no Christian influence at all.  If you have any questions from last week’s show that you’d like more commentary on or any specific questions for Larry or Ryan, feel free to send those in early and we’ll try to address them on the show.  These two men have done a GREAT job of living out the Kingdom of God and sharing the love of Christ in the UK.


For Google + users, you will be able to send in questions live during the show on the SND page.  So make plans now to join us for what’s going to be a great show and conclusion to our trial season of Sunday Night Discussions.  We’ll even have one final free resource to give away.  See you then.

SND Tonight at 8p central. “Where in the World are you?”

In this week’s show we will look at world views and consider how they influence our beliefs, thinking, and actions. We will ask how we arrive at our understanding of the world and what ramifications accompany those paradigms.  If you have a Google + account you can also log into our SND page and send in questions.  So grab a friend and come and see.  Look forward to seeing you live at 8p central tonight.

On Converting the Culture and Shaping Society.

I’ve been reminded by some friends that I’m falling behind in my Kingdomology posts and they’re right.  Why the delay?  Well it’s partially because I’ve had a ton of irons in the fire. But I have to admit that it’s also because I’ve just been meditating a lot on the present spiritual environment of the American culture since the presidential election last month. The root of my observation is not centered on the victory of Obama over Romney, but rather something deeper. The simple truth is that the American culture we know today is light years away from what the writers of the Mayflower Compact envisioned for this new land. Obviously America still enjoys more religious freedom than most countries on the globe especially when you think of places like China or the Middle East.  But the American culture at large appears to be mirroring the Roman Empire of the first century much more than the philosophy of the Pilgrims.

Now I’m not saying that the Pilgrims were perfect nor am I suggesting that we should go back to their religious dress code or imitate their legalism. Indeed they got off track in many areas like we all do. But there was something different in their core nature that is missing today in so many camps. (more…)