Mid-Week With Steve. (Input Welcome)

Mid-Week With Steve. (Input Welcome)

Just over three weeks ago I launched a short Facebook Live program called Mid-Week with Steve. That’s the title of the program right now anyway.  There were a number of reasons for the inaugural launch but a huge one was simply my desire to continue on with something similar to Sunday Night Discussions that Robert Tippet and I ran for a couple of years. At heart, the SND live webcasts were born out of the desire to answer hard questions about God and life.

After two years it was clear that because of life logistics, SND had simply run its adventurous course.  It was a productive and fun program. In fact, we still have people viewing the playbacks of the shows today.  However, we simply were not able to run SND any longer.  The desire to address those big questions though was still in my heart.

So in the original spirit of SND, Mid-Week with Steve was launched.  The plan is to do this live event every Wednesday at noon on my FB page.  If you have not yet taken in one of the live shows, I’ve embedded the most resent one below.  The program format is evolving but the time frame will probably continue to be around five minutes or so.  Here is where you come in. I’d like your input.  Will you give an answer to the following questions below?   You can answer here, email me, or respond via Messenger or text as well.

Thank you and I look forward to getting your ideas.

  1. Is there a better name, title, for the show?
  2. Is there a better time for the show?
  3. What other suggestions would you have for the show?  Topics or other?