10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. But for a long time I have tried to shy away from the term “Fundamentalist.” Tried? Well actually I’ve purposefully said before that I am in no uncertain terms; “not a Fundamentalist.” Now I’m not so sure. The issue with the term is that the only time we see it in print or conversation these days is when it is used to compare a Christian to the Westboro Baptist Church cult or an Islamic group that wants to take over the world. You see my dilemma?

The problem is that the term today is thrown onto anyone who opposes gay marriage or really any social pillar that the politically correct left holds sacred. In essence the media has beaten the dead horse of the Westboro comparison to such an extent that the true ideals of fundamentalist thought are now unrecognizable.


My 4 Point Sermon for Mayor Parker and the LGBT Community of Houston.

My 4 Point Sermon for Mayor Parker and the LGBT Community of Houston.

Honestly I thought it was just another cynical blog post. A joke! That’s what I thought two days ago when I first read that Mayor Ann Parker and her staff had sent out subpoenas for the sermons from a number of high profile preachers in Houston. I mean the whole thing just sounded a bit too Orwellian with thought police in tow to be real. However, as the hours went by and the day on the calendar changed, more and more posts came out and new articles like this one by ABC News confirmed the insanity. I’d expect this from the former Soviet Union where Deb and I lived for two years. Certainly North Korea would be appropriate. America though seemed out of the question. But thus it is true. The city of Houston has sent subpoenas to some ministers who have taught a Biblical stance on homosexuality.


Because I do not technically live within the Houston city limits I don’t expect to get a notice in the mail; at least for now anyway. Even if I did I’m not sure I could comply as I don’t actually write out sermon manuscripts. If called upon though I’d have no problem inviting anyone and everyone to check out my sermons online or even better yet, to drop by and see us at The Crossings for one of our Sunday morning gatherings. I’ve never preached a purely topical sermon over Homosexuality and especially with Mayor Parker at its core. For argument sake though, if I did, I suppose it would go something like this. Here is a quick and simple, deductive sermon outline with 4 points that I might preach. (more…)

Hope for the LGBT Community and Everyone Else. (From a woman who knows.)

In light of some recent social discussions a friend sent me the clip below which is incredibly timely and pertinent for our day.  The speaker in the clip is an ex-lesbian and feminist scholar.  I’m particularly recommending her story for everyone trying to honestly discern truth verses myth in our modern cultural debate in Europe and the West over sexual identity and the subsequent ramifications.  Dr. Butterfield is a brilliant, rational thinking, and deeply theological woman.  In this lecture she gives some serious and loving answers to legitimate questions as she speaks with the experience of having come from the LGBT community and a post-modern world view.  I linked an article about Dr. Butterfield on my Face Book page several months ago, but decided to include her story here because of the way she so meticulously addresses the question at a root level in the lecture.  Here are at least four points that immediately came to mind when I reviewed the clip: (more…)

Making a Marriage that Matters.

Emotions were high again yesterday as the city of San Antonio voted for the inclusion of sexual orientation language in its non-discrimination policy. While supporters of this move are naturally thrilled, I see this as very problematic and even a dangerous move.  I know that some will say I’m responding in this manner because I’m hateful even though I’ve not uttered a nasty word toward those with the LGBT philosophy. Rather, my somberness is because I’ve connected the logical dots along the line of purposefully abandoning a Biblical world view in favor of relativity when it comes to truth. Take for example the implementation of unisex bathrooms to appease those who have a propensity toward transgender feelings. That kind of reasoning will only bring pain on the innocent and the case last year of a man who feels like he’s a woman is a perfect example. In that situation, the man in question was awarded the ability to change in the women’s locker room of a college even if girls were there because the school ruled it was his “Civil Right” to do so. This is just the latest round in a culture where right is called wrong and wrong is called right and truth is relative to the eye of the beholder.

Indeed one can see chaotic times looming as the natural and logical progression of moral relativity continues to shape values and then laws. However; my purpose in writing today is not directed toward those who oppose Biblical sexuality and marriage, but rather to offer up a challenge to those who are truly trying to follow Christ. (more…)

Speaking the Truth in Love both on and off the Court.

I only played basketball for one year in elementary school and royally stunk at the game.  Not my favorite sport.  So it’s probably no surprise that I’m picking up the news feed a bit late on the media controversy of Jason Collins coming out with a gay lifestyle and the subsequent commentary of his Christian colleague, Chris Broussard.  I saw the opening news frenzy and reactions yesterday but really didn’t pay too much attention.  This morning however, I received an article link from a friend which is worthy of note when looking at the larger picture.  There are at least two observations we can make not only from the article, but from the discussion itself.  (more…)