Stoked For Easter!

I’m getting excited for Easter this year and looking forward to preaching Sunday at The Crossings.  While “sermonizing” this morning I spent some time thinking through a list of famous Easter Songs.  Here’s a short sampling of what I came up with.  If you’ve been following Christ for a while, you’ll recognize a few of these tunes.  If you’re still exploring Christ, then check them out and enjoy.

Because He Lives is probably one the most famous classic hymns on the subject of the Easter.  Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote the  song out of a realization that no matter how hard life can get at times, there is still hope because of the resurrection of Christ.  Next to that is an old vintage hymn by Robert Lowery entitled, Low in the Grave He Lay.  While not really one of my favorites, the Easter Song by Keith Green still resounds with a lot of folks today.  But just about anything Keith Green did was profound.  When I was in High School, Sandi Patty sang Was it a Morning Like This which took off and for a while was being sung by countless soloists across the world every Easter morning.  I think my wife even sang it a few times.  More than likely, she probably did a better job than Patty did though.  I’d say that my all time favorite Easter song is He’s Alive by Don Francisco.  If you’ve ever denied Christ, this one’s for you.  The focus of the song is from Peter’s standpoint after dealing with his denial of Jesus and then acceptance by the risen Christ.  Sometimes I still get choked up a bit toward the end of the tune.  More recently, Nichole C Mullen sang My Redeemer Lives which also has a powerful ending.  I’m going to show that one on Sunday.  A new favorite of mine is In Christ Alone by Stuart Townend.  Definitely my favorite rendition of this song was done by the News Boys. Not sure it’s only an Easter song, but some of the closing words are really pertinent.  So those are some of the Easter songs that minister to me.  Now what about you?