Farming out the Gospel.

Help!  My wife is taking over my website and blog.  Ok, maybe not.  But she is contributing her third installment today from her resent project in Costa Rica and Honduras this past month.  In the post, Deb is actually reporting on a missionary family in Honduras that is engaging in a unique mission strategy.  The Family is actually following the lead of a great pioneer missionary from the 19th century named William Carey.  It was the strategy of Cary to live off the land in India and work with the people.  In doing so, Cary became fluent in the native languages and thus translated the Bible in to these mother tongues.  So thanks again to everyone who prayed for Deb’s work and enjoy the report! (more…)

Honduras and Costa Rica Report from the Debster!

Deb and Teri Riley

Well the Hinton house is much happier these days with Deb home from Central America.  She got back into Houston on Tuesday from Honduras and is presently sending out a newsletter to some of our supporters.  So I wanted to include part of her report here for the Kingdomology Crew.  Thanks to everyone who lifted her up in prayer this past week.

International Conference

The trip to Honduras and Costa Rica was amazing. When we first arrived we had a day of rest to see Tegucigalpa, tour the church building that the Riley’s are working on, and get ready for the 38 women who were spending the night with us before our long bus ride south. We ended up riding in a school bus for 22 hours, going through two border crossings, and all with only six bathroom breaks. The retreat center in Costa Rica was beautiful. It was set high on a mountain overlooking the city of San Jose. I spoke three times the first day, and another lady, Roma Backus, spoke on Saturday. The content of our talks was celebrating being a woman, understanding your wounding, and becoming restored in Christ. The women were receptive and many started on a road to healing. There were times that we had to stop during our talks and pray because of women who were weeping. I had the opportunity to meet with many women one on one and to share scripture and pray with them. They were so hungry for the Lord and His will in their lives. (more…)

Kid’s Kamp and Saint Morris.

Well we finished up Kid’s Kamp last night at The Crossings and it was GREAT. The Kamp was an excellent opportunity to plant the loving seeds of Christ in the hearts of our young people in our community. Jesus loved and loves Children and in fact taught that unless we change and become like these little children we will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Wow, what’s that all about? While there are many reasons, it seems like the biggest one is just the fact that these children don’t front any arguments and simply accept Christ through faith. They hear and believe. I think that is one of the reasons why every church that is truly fruitful in Kingdom advancement has a powerful children’s ministry. So I’m thankful for our efforts at Cypress Crossing to reach and minister to the kidos.

But I’m also thankful for a guy most of you won’t know named Morris. I met Morris for the first time on a college inner city trip in Atlanta back in the spring of 89. Then I ended up going to school with him when I transferred to Ozark Christian College that fall. But Morris went home to be with Christ this past month after faithfully serving Christ for a number of years in Honduras(more…)