Hockey and Leadership Lessons.

We’ll I’m just about back into a consistent “blogging” saddle again as we’re finishing up our transition from the church plant back in CA to a work in the Houston area.  We’ve landed with an exciting bunch of folks in Cypress, Texas where there are some real needs and huge opportunities for Kingdom advancement.  This past Monday night we had a group of leaders over at our house to watch the movie Miracle on Ice.  The flick was based on the true story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team defeating the Soviet Union and winning the gold medal.  Personally it was fun to watch as I remember being glued to the tube when it happened in real life 30 years ago.  But we didn’t watch it to reminisce, but to learn some church leadership lessons.  We came up with at least these five principles.  Enjoy and feel free to add anything.  (more…)