Fascinating Figures! 200 Years of Growth, Possibility, and Responsibility.

I just got this clip from Craig Whitney with ImpactPoint.  Fascinating tech and info from Hans Rosling on the changed dynamics of the world over the past 200 years.  Good info going into 2011.  Imagine the possibilities and responsibility for sharing the love of Christ the world over.  There are a number of factors that Rosling did not talk about.  But consider transportation, language, and shared tech around the globe.  It took 19th century British missionaries months to get to China and India.  We can do that now in hours.  English has become the Koine Greek of the 21st century and anyone who wants to do business learns to speak it.  I can now communicate with folks on the other side of the globe via phone and email instantly.  I know Rosling wasn’t thinking Kingdom perspectives, but I sure was.  I love this stuff.  How do you think this kind of info should change your world?

 Thanks Craig.

 btw, in case I don’t get to it,  Merry Christmas everyone!