Memories of Blue

Well I’m happy to report that that my boys have not fallen into all the hoopla surrounding the Michael Jackson movie and all his music.  But it was funny this evening when they said, “hey dad, check out this video about a guy who is blue with a blue car, or something like that.”  Then I remembered it; yes I remember that cold January driving from Northern Indiana down to Cincinnati for Jack Cottrell’s “Doctrine of Grace” class with my good friend Leo and listening to the Blue Song  on the car radio.  Its funny how our kids will bring back memories we have whether good or bad, deep or just fun.  I do remember “I’m Blue” and chuckle how Leo and I laughed about it all week while having our heads crammed with theology.  Well at least I was cramming; Leo was just there for the audit. When I think about it, there are a lot of songs that come to mind from different phases of my life.  During the Dark Ages of my life I was a real Pink Floyd head, ok, we won’t go there.  I remember some catchy tune in High School about hard working guys complaining about all their hard work while the rock stars got “their chicks for free.”  I remember discovering the deep and ministering tunes of Rich Mullins when I finally got off my rear and went to Bible College.  I think the biggest maestro influence for me was Keith Green who had a HUGE love for Christ.  But I suppose the best parts of these memories are the people we made them with.  I’m thankful for Leo and I’m thankful for the new memories with my boys who I know are going to grow up and do a lot more for the Kingdom than I ever will.  So what are some songs from the past that bring memories for you?