Happy B-Day to Confessions!

Happy B-Day to Confessions!

That’s right — one year ago today, the Kickstarter campaign funded and the book project, Confessions of a Pastor, was set in motion.  I can still remember thirty days prior, at the launch of the drive, praying, “Ok Jesus, this is now in your hands. It will either fund or fail.”  The project did fund and I am still amazed at the results today.  I continue to thank Jesus and so many of you for bringing Confessions to life.

Early in the editing process we changed the official name to simply “Confessions” with the subtitle of “Finding Hope Through One Pastor’s Doubt.”  Thinking of Hope, the heart of Confessions has already borne fruit in bringing hope to many and so I want to give a huge thanks on this anniversary date to everyone who gave and prayed for the venture. Not only is the book bringing encouragement to people and drawing them closer to the love of Christ, but once our final financial requirements with LUCID Books are completed, 50% of any additional royalties from the project will go toward world missions.

What about you?  If you have read Confessions, what stories can you share of encouragement or testimonies from those you know?  If you’ve not had a chance to read Confessions yet, you can get an e-copy or paper back from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sources.

As I begin a summer study break in a few weeks, I will explore the possibility of turning the print into an audible work and also begin to seriously flesh out the next major writing project.  But for now, I’d love to hear your stories from the release of Confessions.  You can share them here, on social media sources, or even write a review for Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Again – thanks to everyone who made this project a reality!

Confessions Book Trailer!

In lieu of the regular “Mid-Week with Steve” encouragement, today I’m sharing the Book Trailer that Lucid Books just produced for Confessions.  Check it out and share with a zillion people . . . or I suppose just your friends. Of course, you can also pick one up today through B&N or Amazon.  Be encouraged – Be Strong!

Happy B-Day to Confessions!

Fun Forward For Confessions!

I am stoked to report how quickly LUCID Books is moving with the publication of Confessions. The release date has been moved up to late November with pre-sales set to begin in mid-October.  The work is presently in the lay-out phase after having completed the editing and proof-reading.  As the process continues, we are looking at publicity and marketing over the next two months.  Yes, I am thrilled as I honestly believe this project will be a huge encouragement to many people.

One exciting piece from the past two weeks was to receive the Forward that I had asked Jim Tune write for the book. If you don’t know Jim, he is a fun Canadian minister, church planter, and visionary who is always advancing the ball down the field.  Debi and I seriously considered working with Jim and his wife, Claudia, back in 2004 before moving to Northern California.  But we’ve kept in touch over the years and I greatly respect Jim and his work. (more…)