The Gist on Jobs

Honestly I was somewhat intrigued by all the publicity and emotion tied up with the death of Steve Jobs this past week.  I mean I know who the guy was and what he did; I just didn’t realize the size of his impact.  You’d think an American President had died or something.  But on the other hand, it appears that the long term influence of Jobs on the world through technological and cultural relevance may in fact carry more weight than any of our US Presidents in recent history.  I called one of my good friends back in Nor Cal this evening to get his skinny on the events as he works for Apple and he confirmed everything I’ve read in the Wall Street journal and other sources.  The atmosphere around where my friend works is apparently just as somber as any other Apple center or Apple store from San Francisco, to New York, to Tokyo.  Indeed, Steve Jobs was a visionary of mammoth proportions.  I like that kind of spirit. Vision is something America has been known for in the past and we certainly could use more of it now.  But there are some other things I believe we can pick up from the loss of this great technology and cultural patriarch.  I believe there are some quick lessons we can learn from Jobs for Kingdom and Church leaders today.  Here are 5 fast ones just off the top of my head.  What would you add? (more…)