Life from Death.

Life from Death.

SNDCan a dying church live again?  The Bible tells us that Jesus came to bring life and life to the fullest.  Yet the first application there is to us as individuals.  So what about a local community of Christ? While we know that the eternal and universal CHURCH will never be defeated there is a question mark on local churches throughout the ages.  In history we can see that a number of churches have ceased to exist and places like the country of Turkey are key examples of this.  Do all churches merely have a life cycle?  Can churches that have lost their life be turned around? Join us this Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome our guest, John Davis, who is a pastor in the throes of this difficult ministry. Working with God to see a church turn the corner from death to life is a tough job and I’ve had some experience in that realm myself.

If you love the CHURCH and the church as it should be then this week’s show is for you. (more…)

McDonald’s, Kroc, and the Test of Entrepreneurial Success.

McDonald’s, Kroc, and the Test of Entrepreneurial Success.

Entrepreneurship is a confusing word.  Not just because it’s hard to remember how it’s spelled, but because of the many word pictures we put behind it.  Business is usually the venue where we see this practice.  Even in the market place though, it can equally be applied to someone who starts up a business and also someone who takes an existing company to the next level.  I swim mostly in the realm of the Church and discipleship world where the range of applications can be just as wide.  A church planter establishes one church in his life that grows to 1000 or more in Sunday morning attendance. Suddenly he is allowed to successfully wear the title.  A woman takes an existing ministry to new heights and likewise is awarded the spot light for her accomplishments.  The bigger the results, the more the person is called an entrepreneur.  Yet those who achieve lesser accolades are denied the headlines.

But I wonder if maybe there’s more to the story here in creativity.  Could it be that for true divine entrepreneurship to take place we really need a number of different people, different skills, and different situations?  To illustrate, I’m wondering who is the biggest entrepreneur in the fast food business; the McDonald brothers or Ray Kroc?  (more…)

Church Planting Evolution and the Simple Answer of Discipleship.

I recently came across an interesting blog post simply titled; Church Planting is Dead!  I don’t know Kevin or anything beyond his bio, but he’s got some good points in the discussion on the ever changing face of church planting and kingdom expansion. I’ve done some time in the trenches of church planting so naturally I believe this subject should be a huge priority. Even in the established ministry here at The Crossings I’ve begun to lay the initial ground work for sending out planters and daughter churches.  It’s a big deal.

In the post the Kevin notes various changes like the present phenomena of launching multiple campuses or sites by mega-churches opposed to planting autonomous churches. That subject is indeed another debate for another time.  Here however, Kevin focused on individual people rather than on methods. His point being, in one sense, that every Christ follower can be involved in church planting. I agree with that assessment and would take the thought one step further. The key to really ushering in church multiplication and kingdom expansion is just going back to serious discipleship and not more machinery. (more…)

Campus Concerns

Campus Concerns

I’m not a fan of the growing church campus movement.  Yes, I know there is some value in these works and Deb is quick to remind me that there are indeed a lot of people getting connected to Christ through some of these campuses.  I have a great friend that works with the campus model in my area.  My brother; have mercy on his soul, attends one of these campus churches.  Yes, there are people being saved and discipled at these campus churches.  Yes, I know all the positive arguments for campuses.  But I still just don’t like the idea.  At its worst, I feel like campuses are more about Empire building than Kingdom expansion.  I sense at times that much of this simply comes down to control issues.  On my bad days I even want to liken the whole phenomena to the BORG from Star Trek.  You know; assimilation of all worlds is the plan and resistance is Futile.

Before you get the idea that I’m just a scrooge, please know that my caution is not just emotional.  (more…)

Upcoming Central America Trip For the Debster

Deb and me in Colorado Springs for our 20th wedding anniversary this past June.

I want to take some time here to let everyone know about Deb’s trip to Honduras and Costa Rica next month. She will be speaking at a conference for Pastor’s wives. But you can read up on all that yourself. Below is a quick newsletter that she is sending out. Just think, you readers of Kingdomology get it before everyone else does. Enjoy!


It has been two years since we passed off the leadership baton for the Rancho Cordova church plant back in California. Much has happened and many unique doors of service have opened up since then. Our major work has been with a turn around ministry in the NW Houston area which is going very well. The Christian Standard will actually be running an article on August 21st describing what God has done in this ministry. Over the past year has picked up a number of readers and an expanded ministry. Through the financial backing a good friend in Amarillo, Texas, Steve published the Christ Proposal which has already touched a number of lives. Debi also launched a blog for mothers at The most recent open door of ministry involves an invitation that Debi received from a good friend inTegucigalpa,Honduras to speak at a Pastor’s Wives Conference inCentral America. (more…)