Q & A Tonight on the Discussions. 8p Central.

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150This week for the Discussions we’ll be diving into some specific questions that have come in from our viewing and listening audience.  Questions about God, the Bible, faith, pain and suffering?  All topics are open for the discussion this week.  Feel free to chime in if you want via Google + or our SND Face Book Page.


Is There Anybody Out There?

Is There Anybody Out There?

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150Tonight for the discussions we’re bringing back three of our guest from last season to dig in deeper to the divine question.  Is there a God and is Atheism really as rational as some believe?  From this discussion; what are the ramifications to evolution and the nature of man? These and more tonight at 8p Central.  You can watch the live show here or send in questions during the broadcast if you’re connected to our “Sunday Night Discussions” page on Google + or Face Book.  So grab a friend, some coffee, and come ready to discuss.

The Divine Question. Part II.

Tonight we will take on part II of our discussion over Atheism verses Theism.   I’m excited  to finally sit down with my friend Robert Tippett as we interview Stan Stephen about his journey from growing up with a general Theistic world view, moving into atheism, and then back to God.  Stan is an incredibly intelligent man with a career in engineering.  His journey back to God simply began with rationalistic thinking and discovering the fallacies in many of the modern atheistic arguments.  So set your schedule now to meet us at 8p Central for the live webcast and feel free to send in questions if you are viewing through Google +.

“The Divine Question! Part I.”  Tonight at 8p Central.

“The Divine Question! Part I.” Tonight at 8p Central.

I’m looking forward to the “Discussions” this evening at 8p central.  Tonight we will have a self-proclaimed “30 Year Atheists” as one of our guest as we look at the question of divinity verses atheism.  We will also spend some time early in the show addressing a serious question regarding the Bible from last week’s show.  One of the key components of really making SND a great webcast is the questions that come in from our viewing audience.  No question is off limits and we’ll make an attempt to address as many as we can. I’ve posted the question that we’ll be looking at below.  It came from one of my newer fiends from Europe.  It’s going to be a great show so be sure to grab a friend and log in at 8p central.  If you have a Google + account you can also find the SND page and send in questions while the show is live.  Look forward to seeing you soon.



Oh God, Help My Unbelief!

Ever doubted your faith? You know; it really is ok to answer that question. Most of us experience some form of doubt when it comes to God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Atheist, agnostics, and authentic Christ followers have questions about the Divine which can’t always be answered in a nice cookie cutter fashion. With that in mind we began a short series at The Crossings this past Sunday entitled, “Oh God, Help My Unbelief!” The launch pad for our study comes from Mark 9:24 with a man who struggled with his belief. The man had tried everything and prayed feverishly for a son with horrendous sufferings. Jesus came, healed the boy, and encouraged the man’s faith. But what about you and me and our questions? What about the times when Jesus doesn’t seem to swoop in and save the day? What about the times when we doubt? (more…)