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The Noble Preacher

SNDWhat’s it like to be a preacher in the 21st century western world? There are many ideas about who these guys are and what exactly they do. There are many expectations on what they should do. Often we see the light shining on preachers in large churches and assume we’ve got the whole picture. But do we really understand what the life of a typical preacher is like?

I don’t know when or where it started, but October is clergy, or pastor, appreciation month. The second Sunday of the month is set aside for the specific day to recognize ministers throughout the land and their service. So for the Discussions this week that is exactly what we’re going to do. Make plans now to join Robert and me at 8p Central as we welcome one of my favorite pastors to the show. Hear his story and feel free to send in questions. It is my hope that we can encourage those in ministry and shed some light on what a pastor’s life is really like to the rest of the world.

You can catch the live webcast here or on our Sunday Night Discussions Google + page where questions can be sent in much easier.

Look forward to seeing you then.

Life from Death.

SNDCan a dying church live again?  The Bible tells us that Jesus came to bring life and life to the fullest.  Yet the first application there is to us as individuals.  So what about a local community of Christ? While we know that the eternal and universal CHURCH will never be defeated there is a question mark on local churches throughout the ages.  In history we can see that a number of churches have ceased to exist and places like the country of Turkey are key examples of this.  Do all churches merely have a life cycle?  Can churches that have lost their life be turned around? Join us this Sunday at 8p Central as we welcome our guest, John Davis, who is a pastor in the throes of this difficult ministry. Working with God to see a church turn the corner from death to life is a tough job and I’ve had some experience in that realm myself.

If you love the CHURCH and the church as it should be then this week’s show is for you. read more…

Faith in Action.

SNDI still remember young Boris from Moscow, Russia. He absolutely loved to debate with me about Christianity.  At one point he suggested that the problem with the faith of Jesus was that it simply was not practical to daily life.  The premise of Boris could not be further from the truth. While Jesus spoke of Heaven and a future beyond, authentic Christianity is anything but unpractical to daily life today.  Knowing Jesus is quite the opposite. Join us Sunday night for the discussions as we welcome minister and author, Chris Goldman to the show to examine true Faith in Action.  Peace with God comes by His grace and our faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Yet an authentic faith produces action as seen in James where he notes that without deeds is dead.  Paul, in Romans also pointed to an obedience that comes by faith. Indeed, true faith produces action and that action affects those around us.  So what does it look like to live an active life of faith in the 21st century?  read more…

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