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Touching the World.

SNDWorld Evangelism, Global Outreach. I love those words.  The truth is that I have been transformed by Jesus Christ and I have the privilege of being part of His team which makes the message of God known to the world. The truth is; we all have that same privilege and that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in the discussions this Sunday night. What is the real need in the world? What kind of opportunities do we have for global outreach in the early 21st century? What is the actual responsibility of Christ followers to convey that message to others? How can we see that mission carried out in our time and in the lives of those who follow us?  Join us live Sunday night at 8p central as we welcome one of the big mentors in my life, Max Goins, who has served as a local pastor and foreign missionary around the world for almost 50 years.  World Evangelism – Global Outreach is the ministry that Max formed in 1991 with the purpose of reaching the lost and training disciples and I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Join us here or on our Sunday Night Discussions Google + page and be sure to send in questions early. As always we will be giving away a free recourse toward the end of the show.

Loving the Generations!

SNDCan the Kingdom be saved? Obviously the answer is yes as the true Kingdom of Heaven will never fail. Jesus said so and history has demonstrated  such throughout the nations and ages. However there has been much writing over the past decade about the growing number of millennials and gen Xers who are leaving the Church every year. Panic has been the path of some while others have pointed to new music and tech as the golden ticket to reach this ever growing generational question.  But could it be that sometimes the issue is simply one of misunderstanding how different generations think and why they process life as they do? read more…

Gay, Truth, and Grace!

What’s it like to grow up with a LGBT worldview?  How do we reconcile the clear Biblical teachings on sexuality, personhood, and the real feelings of homosexuality?  In a world of relativity how can we approach this present question with both grace and truth?  Join us for the Discussions Sunday night as we welcome pastor and author Caleb Kaltenbach to the show.  Christianity was the last thing on Caleb’s mind when he grew up in a LGBT household but that all changed when he met the authentic Jesus Christ in High School. If there is a way to approach this topic with truth and grace Caleb is the one to know.  So set your schedule now and get your questions ready for our live webcast Sunday night at 8p Central. We will also be giving away a free copy of Caleb’s book, Messy Grace, to someone in the viewing audience.

Catch us here or on the “Sunday Night Discussions” Google + page.

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