Jesus said that His followers would be salt and light in the world.  But how does that play out when the worldview of authentic Christianity and our modern culture are often in direct opposition to one another?  What is at root of these opposing views and how can the message of Christ be brought into cultural questions?  Does ancient Christianity have anything to say to our modern world? Has the Church forgotten how to respond to the cultural challenges? Has the link between the Bible and world been lost? Join us tonight at 8p Central as we explore this and other questions facing the Church today on Sunday Night Discussions. This week we will sit down with our guest Brandon Wolfram to look at how followers of Jesus can regain a confidence in the Word of God as an intellectual, moral, and philosophical system that grounds humanity.  Do you have questions on this subject?  Then feel free to send in those questions and comments here or via our “Sunday Night Discussions” Google + page or Facebook page.

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