Want to know what the Indiana “Religious Freedom Bill” is REALLY about?  Check out what “Democratic” President Clinton had to say on the signing of the Federal Bill in 1993.  (Clip Below)

Why do I come back to American politics from time to time? I suppose I just love the country of my origins and feel a heavy burden when I think of the direction it is heading.  I know, it’s a tension in my gut that I hate at times.  Yes, I do 100% believe the Kingdom of God supersedes the Kingdom of America.  Yes, I really do believe that Christ is the answer to all of our wounds and that politics are insufficient for the cure.  But when I see the media and leftist agenda blitzkrieging against the Governor of Indiana with false interpretations and accusations I feel a compulsion to say something in hopes that it might help someone.


  1. For those jumping on the liberal and LGTB bandwagon, please take a deep breath and think this through. This is NOT about discrimination; but protection. This is not about “services in general” which the talking heads would have you believe. Many followers of Christ happily serve people who call themselves gay and even employ people who call themselves gay.  This legislation is in motion because people who follow Jesus are being punished by the STATE because they refuse to “endorse gay marriage” by their actions.  They are being forced to deny their faith to support the LGBT faith.  The “Why” in this Bill?  Because it has been illustrated over the past few years how LGBT people and groups have deliberately targeted those who don’t agree with them.  The tension is that when one group can force another group to go against their conscience, anything else and everything else will follow.  Consider that it was those with a general Christian Worldview in the first place who produced a rule of law which championed freedom of speech even for those who didn’t agree with them. Now it is those who gave everyone the freedom to politically live the way they want to live who are being shut down.


  1. For those who would support such a bill. Above all; proceed in love. Not in anger and certainly not in hateful vindictiveness. If you claim to follow Jesus, remember that HE taught his disciples to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them.


  1. For me . . . “Father if I’m straying too far off track here, please forgive me, I don’t always know what I’m doing.”


  1. For all of us. The central issue beneath this debate and all others tensions is actually our mutual brokenness. The answer really is found in Jesus Christ.  He came to rescue us from our oppression and our destruction.  No matter what the issue is, the answer is found in the same place ultimately.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Regardless of who we are or what we’ve done, He loves us all the same and came that we might have life; true life in Him.

Yes, at the end of all things, Jesus Christ really is the final answer.

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