I had heard the story of Dave Roever before.  But I listened a little closer this morning as he was being interviewed by Focus on the Family on the radio. I suppose part of the reason being that my second son, David, went off to Marine Boot Camp last month and is on the road to being a veteran himself.  If you’ve not heard of Dave Roever, he is a veteran of the Vietnam War.  Dave is also a personal testimony of how God can move in some very profound ways even today.  Roever was wounded and almost died from a white phosphorus grenade but lived and demonstrated a life of profound power and help to others.

As I listened to Dave’s story again, I was moved to solemnity and a desire to keep pressing forward in my life’s calling. I was again reminded of the grace of Jesus Christ in the way Dave, years later, embraced those who wanted him dead back in Vietnam.  The story of his marriage and the commitment to Jesus by both Dave and his wife were evident.  I thought of my son who may very well find himself in combat situations while serving on some other spot of earth in the future.  I was encouraged in my faith and resolve. I was also reminded to give honor where honor is due as the Apostle Paul taught in Romans 13:1-7.

Here’s the deal. While a born again follower of Christ, I am truly part of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven which supersedes the political and geographical lines of this physical realm.  However, I am also part of the United States of America of which I was born into.  Over the years men and women have served this nation which has allowed my freedom to openly live out my faith in Jesus Christ.  I am blessed today because of the sacrificial service of others who went before me. So are you.  With America remembering veterans today, who can you honor?

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