042Welcome to our first official posting on “Kingdomology”, a site dedicated to expanding the love of Christ and Kingdom of God the world over. While we’re anticipating a lot of really great discussion, the purpose of this site is to encourage as many people as possible toward experiencing what it really means to live as citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Over the next few weeks I’ll spend more time further expanding on the purpose of Kingdomology, but to begin with, I want to explain more about how this blog came about. While on one hand, there is the simple fact that we made a faith move in ministry from our church plant and left our old blog behind. But the root goes deeper than just geography. Part of the drive for this new site and blog actually originated back in January when I took off on a prayer retreat in the coastal mountains near Santa Cruz. The plan for the time there was to review my prayer journal from the previous year, ask some strategic questions, and most importantly, to quietly read through scripture. A big observation came from John 6:29 where Jesus said that the work God requires is to “believe in the one he has sent.” It struck me in a new way that the first call of God is not to some great accomplishment or exploit, but a simple belief in Jesus. As I chewed on that reality among the Sequoia trees a number of other texts came to mind from my reading that week. James 1:5 teaches us that we are to “trust and not doubt.” Luke noted in Acts 14:2 and 19:9 that the Jews who opposed the message of Christ “refused to believe.” It all then occurred to me that in a real sense, belief is actually a choice we all have to make. When it comes to salvation and the changing of citizenship from the world to the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to choose to believe the message of Christ or not.

Just as our citizenship in the Kingdom starts with a choice, we as Christ followers have the daily choice of continuing in that belief or giving in to doubt. Someone much wiser than me once observed that Christians at times live as practical pagans as they trust God for their salvation, but not for their daily bread. The whole revelation brought me to a place of further commitment to God in this area of trust and belief. It called me to whole heartedly believe the things I say I believe. It called me to take ALL of His Word for what it is and rest in His promises. In short, it was a big transition not only in thinking, but in life.

It is that belief that led me to eventually take a dive of faith and move from our church plant in Nor Cal back to Texas where I haven’t lived for 20 years in pursuit of an unexplainable call of God deep within my gut. It was frightening (and still is) to pick up and move even though we didn’t know exactly where we were headed. Our part was just to trust Him. It’s that belief that is actually a core factor in real Kingdom living. One of the foundational parts of the Christian life which is missing so much in America and the West is a daily walk with Christ that radically affects our entire life. It changes our world view, how we interact with others, our careers, our marriages, our churches, and life in general. It’s that kind of life that Kingdomology is setting out to explore and live.

Presently, we’ve set up camp in Amarillo and I’m taking interim jobs as I can. Through prayer we’re waiting to see how God opens this next chapter of our lives. I don’t have all the answers yet, but I do know that the one who does is very active today in the lives of those who whole heartedly pursue Him. What about you? Where are you at in this grand adventure? How is your faith quotient going? Just know that the King of all creation is madly in love with you and He’s got more in store for you than you can possibly imagine. Anyone else ready for a dive?

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