On the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I’m wondering where Norma McCorvey is today.  Who is Norma McCorvey?  Well I’m glad you asked.  Norma is the woman who took the legal pseudonym of Jane Roe in the landmark case which made abortion legal for any reason in the United States back in 1973.  I wonder where Norma is and what she is doing today because she is not the same woman that she was then. In fact, Norma holds a very different position today.  In 1995 the world changed for Norma when some simple Christ followers and a leader from Operation Rescue did something radical; they loved her.  It took some time, but eventually Norma fell under the weight of God’s love and surrendered her life to Christ and now experiences freedom and purpose.  While I don’t know exactly where Norma is today, I know what her agenda is.  Norma is given to spreading the truth about what a choice for abortion really means and the healing that can be found in Christ.  Check out the quick clip on Norma’s story below and then a few ways that we can expand the love of Christ in relation to this modern abortion challenge.  How will you bring “life” and love into your world today on this issue?


1. Reality Check.  We need to come to grips with the fact that abortion really is the murder of innocent children.  The reason why this is considered a gray area by so many people is because the termination takes place in the darkness of the womb where you can’t hear the cries of the baby or feel their pain.  But the truth is that this tiny child is very much God’s creation.  Considering scripture, David spoke of God creating our “innermost being” from day one.  From a scientific standpoint,  Dr. Lejeune, who discovered the specific genetic cause of Down Syndrome, clearly identified conception as the point of life.  So for us to move forward on the issue, we have to begin from an objective point of truth.

2. Receive and extend the healing and grace that God offers through Jesus.  Many times women carry around profound guilt for an abortion that took place many years ago.  At the time, they saw no other choice.  However, despite the rhetoric of the pro-choice campaign that this child was only mere tissue, these women somehow know deep down in the quiet moments of their lives that something is amiss.  Deep within their souls they long for healing.  We need to understand that abortion is just like any other sin, it can be forgiven and people can be healed.  For those who may have had an abortion or participated in such a decision, Jesus wants to forgive you and heal you.  For everyone who has not engaged in this practice, we have an opportunity to not judge arrogantly, but rather to extend a hand of grace and point people to the love of Christ.

3. Lend a hand to help.  Voting for candidates and legislation which protect the unborn is the main thing we hear about in the pro-life camp and that’s a good place to go.  But to really help out we need to take some risks and invest more into meeting this need of our time.  We need to do this by getting involved in the solution ourselves.  Ladies who love Jesus can get involved in women’s ministry.  We can all start by simply volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center.  From there we can begin to personally minister to these young women who find themselves in pregnancies that they weren’t planning and showing them love.  We can support adoption of these children and even engage in adoption ourselves. Really, our response should be the same as the first Christ followers in the Roman Empire who regularly found babies left to die at the city dumps and took them home to care for.  We should simply help where help is needed.

4. Pray.  This debate will never be won firstly in the courts or halls of congress.  The victory for life and dignity will ultimately be won in the hearts and minds of people.  So take time today to pray.  Pray for those ladies who feel trapped and are considering abortion. Pray for those in the abortion industry that their hearts might be softened like Norma and that their eyes might be opened.  Pray for revival within the CHURCH and an awakening in this country and then maybe abortion on demand might become a page in the history books just like other atrocities of the past.

What else would you add?

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