Have you voted yet?  I did my service, my privilege, a couple of weeks ago in early voting.  My ballot was cast according to my world view of Christ as King and how that plays out in the here and now in my present culture of America.  In recent decades there has been a growing debate about God and government, Christ and culture.  Some atheist and humanist have suggested that the Constitution forbids followers of Christ from bringing their faith into the ballot box or halls of legislation.  On the other hand, some Christians have rightly embraced the eternal Kingdom of God; but to the extent of ignoring the role afforded to them in helping define culture in a free political system.  The truth is that both extremes are out of balance.  Despite the cries of the enlightened left, the founding fathers of America never desired to divorce God from culture.  Their intent was simply to avoid the creation of a STATE Church as was the case in England.  I wrote about this a few years ago in Pondering Politics and Piety. Part I.  On the other tangent, while Paul’s mission was laser clear in preaching Christ, he did claim his right as a Roman Citizen which entitled him to a trial before Caesar rather than being handed over to the mob.  Today in America all citizens, from atheist to Christ follower and everyone in between has the right to vote and help shape the culture we live in.  Is the first answer politics?  No.  Is the ultimate answer a heart changed by the grace and redeeming love of Jesus Christ?  Yes!  So while our main goal in the Kingdom of Heaven is a pursuit of Christ and His agenda; we can also in a small way be HIS Salt and Light in our present culture today with the simple task of making a vote.

For me, my priority is not politics.  I do however see the opportunity for all Christ followers to participate in the blessing of Democracy.

What about you?  Have you voted yet?  What was your experience today?

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