I’m excited to report that “The Christ Proposal” is going public this weekend at the “First Friday Art Walk” in Amarillo, Texas.  We’ll also begin offering the book here at Kingdomology starting this Saturday along with some other outlets.  What is The Christ Proposal?  Well I’m glad you asked.  It all really began as somewhat of an academic discussion just over a year ago when we were in a transitional period of our ministry.  We had finished up a church plant in Nor. Cal. and having passed off the baton to the leadership team there we were basing in Amarillo while we waited for clarity on the next move.  During this time I was doing some manual labor for a friend when he brought up a discussion he had heard on the radio while traveling.  The focal point was a minister’s comment about Jesus Christ making a proposal to his Bride; or the Church.  It was a fascinating thought as scripture does refer to the Church as the Bride of Christ.  Out of these discussions, a book was born.  The Proposal is a devotional book using direct scripture references and scriptural allusions woven into a first person narrative as though Jesus Christ were speaking directly to His Bride; the Church.  But the greater implication is the personal impact of how Christ is also speaking to us as God’s children.

The devotional works through three distinct movements; Adornment, Deception, and Glory.  Those who have previewed the book described it as a reminder of how much God loves them and how valuable they are.  Because it is a quick and powerful read, one previewer shared that while she doesn’t read a whole lot, she couldn’t put this one down until she finished it.  In addition to the actual text, Chris Johnson of Amarillo has painted six beautiful original art pieces that are included in the book.   Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend.

Christ Proposal
  The Wooing of His Bride.

The Beginning.I.  Adornment.

II. Deception.

III. Glory.

The Ending.

Thought Questions.

Scriptural Allusions and Quotations.

The Beginning

Have you ever wondered if it’s all worth it?  I mean, are there times when you question who you are and whether or not anyone up there really cares about you?  Have you ever stopped to think about things like your identity, your purpose, and whether or not you really matter at all?  Do you even know if you’re loved?  Perhaps you had an idea of this as a child.  Just maybe, in a carefree moment, you caught a glimpse of something greater and more purposeful and more meaningful for your existence.  Did you lose that?  Did you forget the deep things of your soul?  Have they evaporated into a rumor or even worse, just a myth?

If this is the story of your heart, then, you’re not alone for countless generations have gone before you with the same cry of the soul.  They wonder why they have such a void in their innermost beings.  They ask why they long for and yet fear eternity.  They cry out for love, hope, and answers.  Some hear an echo of a story so ancient and rich that it almost feels like a fable.  Across the pages of time came a story of a love relationship between a prince and his fiancé.  This ancient story is about a prince, a future king, who would rescue his fair bride from those who would destroy her. You know the kind- the type of story that touches you deeply and makes you feel for a brief moment that there just might be hope after all.  Is that what you long for?

So I wonder- is it time to be reminded that there is someone who does indeed know your true identity and longs to see you rise to all that you were made for?  That in all this life, there is someone who knows your real value and worth, and honestly wants to be with you and love you?  This someone is a person of power and strength and authority.  This someone actually is a prince, the son of a King and he has had his eye on you for years.  That Prince, the son of a great King of old, actually does exist, and this is the story of how he went after his prized loved one.

You see, this is a true story about the prince of the universe and his bride.  This is a story of a love relationship between Jesus Christ and His Church.  If you will, we might even say this could very well be a story about a relationship between Christ – the Prince, and you.  If I could sum it up in one line, one sentence, one stanza, I think it might go something like this, “The God of the universe loves you!”  Yes, it is really that simple.

So as the story unfolds, sit back, and close your eyes.  Hush for a moment and listen; maybe you can hear His cry for you.  The curtain is opening and the Prince is coming out onto the stage.  From days of old and even now, He is speaking to you.  Can you hear him?  Be quiet and listen.

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