For our friends who have been following Deb’s medical condition over the past 14 months we’re happy to report that her recent gallbladder surgery went very well.  In pre-op she was asked if there were any other piercings that needed to be taken care of before the procedure.  At that I told the nurse that I had suggested to Deb a while back that she get a belly ring.  My request didn’t go too far.  The big news though is that she is regaining strength on the right side of her body and the pain seems to be subsiding.  We are chalking this up simply to miraculous as there is nothing that we’ve done to initiate the change.  So we’re praising God and are enormously grateful for the doctors that have personally walked with us during Debi’s medical journey.

Over my years in ministry I’ve interacted with a lot of doctors and medical staff. Every time I meet one of these physicians I’m always impressed with their ability and gifting.  With Deb’s condition we have met a number of highly competent medical professionals including Dr. Erika Simpson of Houston MethodistDr. Kang of Cypress Fairbanks Hospital, and Dr. Miranda who performed Deb’s gallbladder surgery.  Again and again I’ve noted the ability in these brilliant people and thanked God for their skill.

These wonderful people are gifted and passionate about what they do and therein lay the point.  God blessed them to bless others.  A central theme in the Kingdom of Heaven is that we are created in the image of God.  That truth defines who we are as separate and above the wild kingdom of creation.  It is within that creation of mankind that we find ourselves with very different gifting, passions, and abilities all as unique as our fingerprints.  It is within those differences that we each glorify God and bless others.  This principle is actually a key element in the old idea of a Protestant Work Ethic.  The principle states that we are created, gifted, and called to use our abilities to serve God and bless others.  This brings reason and purpose to our work beyond finding a paycheck.

This also brings a proper balance to the myth of sacred verses secular when it comes to calling. In other words, some have believed and taught that “calling” is an idea used for those who are preachers or missionaries and thus engaged in fulltime Christian ministry. On one hand there truly is a special calling to full-time ministry which those who have embraced the vision cannot deny. However, the problem lies in understanding this calling to be somewhat more sacred than callings and careers in a “secular” world.  This myth says that those in Christian ministry are somewhat more holy than those who are plumbers or architects or attorneys.  The truth though is that calling first speaks to “who” we are in Christ and then “secondly” what we do in Christ.  Once we see who we are as children of God and designed in His image, we are able to live out the passions that dwell deep in our redeemed hearts. Those passions are then worked out in the careers we choose which ultimately are to bless others and glorify God.

This uniqueness will be worked out individually in each of us in different ways. Some love working with their hands and some love crunching numbers and logistics.  Others are fascinated by science and different ones are consumed with being creative.  The point being that we all need each other in our uniqueness and the world is blessed all the more when we honor and praise God’s creativity in these differences. So yes, I praise God for these doctors and honor them for their effort.  I’m amazed at the detailed mind of accountants and just get excited by the creativity of musicians.  Those differences are one of the many things that make the Kingdom of God and His design for humanity so beautiful.  Doctor? Mechanic? First grade teacher like Deb?  Whoever you are and whatever you do, rejoice in it and do it all with your heart and let’s celebrate life together.

How are you glorifying God and serving others today?

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