I only played basketball for one year in elementary school and royally stunk at the game.  Not my favorite sport.  So it’s probably no surprise that I’m picking up the news feed a bit late on the media controversy of Jason Collins coming out with a gay lifestyle and the subsequent commentary of his Christian colleague, Chris Broussard.  I saw the opening news frenzy and reactions yesterday but really didn’t pay too much attention.  This morning however, I received an article link from a friend which is worthy of note when looking at the larger picture.  There are at least two observations we can make not only from the article, but from the discussion itself. 

1. It illustrates that the political left and the core LGBT agenda are truly not interested in “equality” or “tolerance” but rather the silence of anyone who disagrees with them.  For them, tolerance no longer means the ability to politely disagree, but rather that disagreement with them must now be prohibited.  ESPN has buckled under the pressure of the LGBT and politically left for this reason.  On the other hand, none of the major networks or media outlets are working to apologize for comments and programming clearly aimed at attacking authentic Christians or a Christian world view.  Now, while this point does bug me from time to time, it’s not something I’m going to the mat for.  It’s just an observation for those still trying to navigate these waters.

2. I don’t know Chris Broussard, but what I find in his commentary is a great example of a person who claims to follow Christ and “speaks the truth in love.”  He spoke his position with calmness and grace all the time never attacking Jason.  He also made it clear that his position is not one of centralizing on homosexual practice, but acknowledging that all sex outside of God’s design for marriage is sin.  Chris had the courage to stand for truth while all the time keeping a repose of love.  He did a good job and I think Christ followers can be encouraged by that example.

So here are some quick action points.

a. Don’t be afraid to take a stand for Biblical truth.  Even one of my sons noted that in high school there are a lot of students who do not agree with the homosexual agenda, but are afraid to say so for fear of reprisal.  When tempted to back down because of fear, remember John the Baptist who stood and spoke the truth to Herod for taking his brother’s wife and even Jesus who called the woman caught in adultery to leave her life of sin.  He offered grace to her repentant heart, but he also called her to live a new life.

b. Don’t be a jerk.  We can all give illustrations of people wearing the name of Christ and at the same time bashing those who give into homosexual temptations.  That doesn’t get anyone anywhere and actually harms the cause of Christ.  In short . . . be nice.

c. Take a look into the mirror of your own life.  It’s one thing to point out the sins of those you don’t agree with and quite another to honestly look into your own heart and practice.  God created sex as a beautiful thing.  He also created it for marriage between one woman and one man for life.  Therefore, the call for all of us is to wait until marriage, stay married, stay faithful to that marriage, and to keep our eyes and hearts away from pornography and anything else that would cause us and others to stumble.

What else would you add?

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