Honest review of The Sound of Freedom movie?  Really? Wow – and this is called journalism? No, this is ultra-liberal, hedonistic, atheistic, and ludicrous propaganda – plain and simple – if not worse. I’ve not seen the flick yet simply because I’m a bit short of cash right now. But I know enough to see the willful insanity in this review and thus am more than ever committed to seeing it soon. To compare this (based on a true story) film to QAnon is asinine and insane at best. Are Charles Bramesco, Betsy Reed and The Guardian US and their other deranged ilk truly this unintelligent, or is something more sinister at play here?

What is undergirding this simplistic, ignorant, and contentious writing? Money? Politics? Arrogance? Or maybe the higher-ups pressuring Charles Bramesco to do their bidding for reasons we cannot know? Why on earth did he write this profoundly rancid review? Perhaps Bramesco believes what he has written himself. We all know this is a huge evil problem – why is his denial so hard? Why are Bramesco and others creating a straw man out of the film by equating it to Right-wing nut jobs? Well – you’re smart; connect the dots.

Those condemning this film are also the same ones who want to mutilate children by forcing a parent to concede to a child’s transgender surgery, allow males to compete as females, and, more satanically, push for abortion. Bramesco makes no effort to hide his abominable biased on this last position with the statement, “Sound of Freedom pretends to be a real movie, like a “pregnancy crisis center” masquerading as a bona fide health clinic.”

The answer to our cultural ills? It’s not to ignore or, worse, profit off them but to look to Jesus Christ, who came to heal us from our sin. The fruit of authentic Christianity is life – spiritual and physical. Just consider history. Two Christian men founded the International Red Cross. The Salvation Army – well, the title there should speak for itself. The hospitals, orphanages, soup kitchens, and on and on were not started by atheist groups. These original ministries were all the fruit of people with a Christian worldview paradigm.

In winding down my quick rant, the result of Charles Bramesco’s tirade may produce the opposite of her desired effect. More people will likely see the film. Perhaps they will wake up to this problem and many more issues that people like Bramesco claim are not problems. Maybe those in the wako “woke” movement, by thinking for themselves, will finally wake up to see the bill of grave goods they have been sold. Ultimately, maybe more people will see the real problems and thus reach out to the real salvation found only in Jesus Christ. Salvation? We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Yes, even I am included in that brokenness. For anyone to know salvation through the grace of Christ, they must humbly own their sin. Maybe that’s it. Perhaps that’s why someone like Reed would write this silliness. To admit the truth about sin, we must acknowledge that we have also sinned, which Charles Bramesco and others like him are unwilling to do. And thus, they attack that which would ultimately bring them freedom.

PS – If you didn’t see it at the bottom of the article, they’re asking for money. Really? If you’d like to help humanity, I’d suggest finding a local church that loves Jesus, teaches the Bible, and serve as boots on the ground, assisting others in their community and around the globe and getting involved there.

Then you and others can find true Freedom in Jesus Christ.

Have you seen the movie yet? Your thoughts?


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