Well, it’s been an exciting ride so far with the Christ Proposal.  Without a nationally recognized publisher or marketing agents, we’ve already been able to touch a lot lives and that’s worth cheering about.  One testimony we received was of a woman who purchased a book on opening night.  She read it in one sitting, cried, and then bought 20 more to give away to her friends.  Our original intent was not to write this project with a women’s audience in mind, but that’s kind of how it all evolved.  So the publisher, artist, and I have already had preliminary conversations about doing a similar work geared more toward men.  In addition to the various ministries and churches we’ve contacted, Barns & Noble has picked the book up for distribution.  But the most exciting thing is just imagining all the lives that can be brought to see the love of Christ through this project.  If you don’t have a copy yet, you can grab one through B&N or contact us for bulk orders and ministry projects.  If you need one free, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.  Keep praying that God will use this project to open up hearts.

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