Well we finished up Kid’s Kamp last night at The Crossings and it was GREAT. The Kamp was an excellent opportunity to plant the loving seeds of Christ in the hearts of our young people in our community. Jesus loved and loves Children and in fact taught that unless we change and become like these little children we will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Wow, what’s that all about? While there are many reasons, it seems like the biggest one is just the fact that these children don’t front any arguments and simply accept Christ through faith. They hear and believe. I think that is one of the reasons why every church that is truly fruitful in Kingdom advancement has a powerful children’s ministry. So I’m thankful for our efforts at Cypress Crossing to reach and minister to the kidos.

But I’m also thankful for a guy most of you won’t know named Morris. I met Morris for the first time on a college inner city trip in Atlanta back in the spring of 89. Then I ended up going to school with him when I transferred to Ozark Christian College that fall. But Morris went home to be with Christ this past month after faithfully serving Christ for a number of years in HondurasWhen I got the note from some dear friends in Tegucigalpa, it caused me to pause for a long time. One thing that struck me about all this was a sense of God’s faithfulness. I knew in that moment that Morris is now enjoying his eternal reward. Here’s the deal that struck me. Morris was never a flashy guy by the world’s standards and he suffered from various sicknesses through life. Because of that, unfortunately, Morris was never going to be invited to talk at a big convention. Sadly, in the eyes of men (even some of Christ followers) most people didn’t see a lot in him. But yet here’s the real deal on Morris, he was a guy who was giving all he had to follow Christ and speak up for him in whatever way he could. He was dedicated. He lived and breathed Kingdom Principles. But he will never get the applause of men or other man made accolades here. But now, he is experiencing his great reward. When I got the news of Morris going home, I just had the feel that he was what Jesus was talking about when he said, “the first will be last, and the last first.” Kind of like the kids at our Kamp this week.

Many people say they want to be like someone Great. They want to emulate a president, a great athlete, or a super star preacher. But I just wonder how different things would be if we all followed the lead of a guy named Morris.

PS Note from Jim Riley: (Good friend and Missionary in Honduras) Some have been asking about where to send memorials for Morris’ family. Send the check to Nortonville Christian Church, PO BOX 347, Nortonville, KS 66060. In the memo please put: HONDURAN MISSION MORRIS BATESON.

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