Deb and Teri Riley

Well the Hinton house is much happier these days with Deb home from Central America.  She got back into Houston on Tuesday from Honduras and is presently sending out a newsletter to some of our supporters.  So I wanted to include part of her report here for the Kingdomology Crew.  Thanks to everyone who lifted her up in prayer this past week.

International Conference

The trip to Honduras and Costa Rica was amazing. When we first arrived we had a day of rest to see Tegucigalpa, tour the church building that the Riley’s are working on, and get ready for the 38 women who were spending the night with us before our long bus ride south. We ended up riding in a school bus for 22 hours, going through two border crossings, and all with only six bathroom breaks. The retreat center in Costa Rica was beautiful. It was set high on a mountain overlooking the city of San Jose. I spoke three times the first day, and another lady, Roma Backus, spoke on Saturday. The content of our talks was celebrating being a woman, understanding your wounding, and becoming restored in Christ. The women were receptive and many started on a road to healing. There were times that we had to stop during our talks and pray because of women who were weeping. I had the opportunity to meet with many women one on one and to share scripture and pray with them. They were so hungry for the Lord and His will in their lives. We ended the retreat with a spa for all of the ladies. After our 22 hour ride back to Honduras, I spent time with Jim and Teri Riley and their family. It was so good to reconnect with old friends in Honduras and Costa Rica and encourage each other in the Lord.

Thank You

The Gringo Gals

I want to thank everyone for your sacrificial help in making this trip happen. Thanks to all who gave financially. The recession is wide and deep and I appreciate your open hands. Thank you to everyone who stood with me in prayer. I could feel your intercession all along my journey. You prayed, and heaven answered. On the day I arrived in Honduras, I was mugged. But even though I lost my camera, I was unharmed and the mugger did not steal any of my cash or documents. We traveled safely on the road for 44 hours on a school bus. The women were receptive to God’s leading, and all of us who spoke or led workshops were amazed at how the women received us. I have already been asked to come again next year. We will see where God leads me. Thanks again for your support and encouragement of our ministry.



PS From Steve, Look for a further report from Deb in coming weeks.

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