As I woke up this morning I saw the news feeds about Ferguson rolling out faster than moths to a flame. Some were spot on and some were just downright silly. As the commentary continued it became obvious that very few people were seeing the real root of the problem or even really cared to know what the true answers were. Why? Because it’s someone else’s fault. The fires in Ferguson were fueled by people coming into the area and pointing fingers at someone else. Now the unrest is spreading to other cities like mine where people are planning to protest against police brutality this evening.


Yes, as American citizens we have a “Right” to freedom from police violence but we also have a “Responsibility” to Honor and OBEY the police. We are living in a culture that is eating the opiate of selfishness to our own demise. We are increasingly living in a culture where more and more people simply have no respect for laws or authority in general and this has nothing to do with race relations. Take the legal speed limits for an example. Who actually cares anymore about obeying the posted traffic rules? If the limit is 65 and I want to set my cruise at 75, then I’m going to do it. Then when the police officer pulls me over for speeding it naturally somehow becomes their fault.


Where does the problem and answer lie? In me. The problem is when I expect everyone to dance to my tune. When I, me, and my become the god of America chaos will ensue as it is being played out in Ferguson today. The problem begins with me. The answer also begins with me. When I take responsibility for my own actions and stop throwing the blame on others we begin to see the shadow of what once made this dream of America great. Ultimately though, the real answer is found in Jesus Christ, who instead of demanding His rights as God in the flesh rather laid his own life down so that others might live.


Today, instead of pointing fingers, what can we do to make our small piece of the globe a better place?

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