I’m stoked to report that the “Confessions of a Pastor” project is moving quite fast and LUCID Books tells me that it should go public in early December.  The manuscript has already gone through the formal editing process and is now in the hands of the proof reading department.  Today I received three potential book cover options and I want to give you an opportunity to participate in choosing the final product design.

The three comps are below and you can vote on your favorite design.  Then tell us why you voted the way you did and feel free to add any suggestions you might have.  You can leave a comment here, reply to my email address, or leave a comment on my Face Book page.

I want to give another Shout Out to the Kickstarter campaign team who made this project financially viable.  To everyone who has prayed for this project or participated in anyway; I just want to say thank you in a HUGE way. I believe that this will be a big encouragement to many people.


A BIG Thanks to Sarah Ray and Sammantha Lengl of Lucid for your work on this project.

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