It had been a long day as Deb and I were dropping off our girls for youth group. We try to grab date nights whenever we can.  When you’ve been married for just over 26 years even fast food has a romantic ring to it.  So with a coupon that Deb was graced with from one of her students, we headed to Chick Fil A with the anticipation of not having to clean a kitchen and enjoy some time without teen drama.  The problem was that the line was taking forever and the day was just getting longer.

I wanted to bolt, but Deb was much more patient.  To encourage me she suggested a bet; which is something she hardly ever does.  In her confidence, she offered a bet that if we were not through the line in 10 minutes she’d wear a corset that night.  

What? A preacher talking about the intimate details in marriage? Well why not?  Actually the Bible does speak about the subject in quite wonderful ways.  The unfortunate deal is that our present Western culture has allowed Hollywood to highjack the subject. Yes, God really did create sex and preachers really do engage in it.  So today and later in a second installment I’ll share 5 quick points on the subject that just might help us restore a truly Kingdom mind set about sex.


  1. The Myths about Sex.


-Myth #1.  God is Down on Sex.  Sex is often quarantined away from Christianity, Church, or deep Biblical study.


-Myth #2.  Sex in the context of Christian marriage is boring.  This idea in our culture is that the real fun is outside the bonds of Biblical Christianity.  The myth says that God’s way is restrictive.  After all; God’s down on fun!


-Myth #3.  Everyone is doing it before marriage. Yes, we live in a culture that is permeated by pre-marital sexuality, but the truth is that not everyone is doing it.  There really are those who wait until marriage for sex which is something the Hollywood hype ignores or makes fun of.


-Myth #4.  It’s just physical.  Ask any woman or man the night after a passionate hookup or a sexual relationship that has just come to an end.  They will tell you that there is an undeniable and unquantifiable void left after the act which has deep roots in the soul.


-Myth #5.  Premarital sex helps discern compatibility.  The truth on the other hand is that veteran married couples doing it God’s way actually experience their best sex years into the marriage commitment.


  1. The Maker of Sex.


If we are more than the accidents of evolutionary chance, then the assumption is that God is the ultimate maker of sex.  Genesis 1:27-28  clearly teaches that God intended mankind to multiply.  Yet what may surprise many is that God’s design is much more than biological reproduction. In fact, Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived, painted a picture of marital sexuality that is far beyond mere procreation and rather quite exciting.  Note: Song of Solomon 7:1-9  and Proverbs 5:18-19.  In addition, it’s amazing to look at the first marriage and sexual relationship before brokenness entered the picture and see a couple who were naked without shame.  In other words, when sex was done the designer’s way there was no drama, heartache, dysfunction, or regret.  It was good beyond the momentary euphoria.  

Yup, what God has created in sex really is a beautiful thing when expressed in its proper boundaries.  It’s something that Hollywood totally misses out on, but the Church can quite possibly restore. 

Oh yes, the Chick Fil A line.  Well I have to report that they lived up to their promise and Deb’s expectation.  We did get our food with in the 10 minute bet parameter.  But I sure did keep my foot on the break as long as I could.  “Sir, yes, you really do pick up your food at the second window.”

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