Well we’ve come to the conclusion of another year.  I’ve thought about a number of ways to close things up for 2012.  I’ve pondered a few ways to kick off 2013, but nothing really resonated.  Then I came across this video link below. It has some huge application for my leadership friends and followers of Christ in general. There is also implication to the American society as a whole. The take away challenge I’d give from this clip toward the New Year is to intentionally invest in the lives of others. The particular challenge would be for older godly men to purposefully take 2013 as a year to build into the lives of two or three younger men with the hope that they would do the same in years to come. This is so fitting for the Church and the culture at large today.  The answers that our world is looking for are not found in government, but in Christ and the Kingdom mentality He called us to.  The answer is to actually do what Jesus said . . . “go and make disciples.” Imagine what the world would be like a year from now if we saw just two or three more men in our sphere of influence really embracing Jesus and living the way HE called us to live.  Yes, just imagine how things could be different. Instead of following the philosophy of our modern American culture which is always asking and taking, why not take up the challenge to give?  Who will you give to and invest in for 2013?

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