So what did the Dad Buffalo say to his Boy Buffalo when he headed off to college? Bison! Ok, maybe that’s a bit lame. But my son laughed at it when he headed off to college last week. Yes, after my bovine banter, prayer, and some more edifying words John pointed his car in the opposite direction of our house and this stage of our lives came to a close.  It was that quick.  The funny thing is that I clearly remember years ago in Moscow, Russia, when Deb and I were headed back to the States for John’s birth. A mentor looked me in the eye and said, “Steve, when you come back you’ll be a different man.” His words were so true.  Our life phase as a young married couple without parental experience had come to an end and the next was about to begin.  When John was born, Deb and I changed and entered into a new world.  This week we transitioned into another.


These changes can be hard but they are what make us who we are and who we can become. Some changes are good and others are bad.  Either way though they are just part of life. As the seasons melt into each other so changes come our way and the real question is simply how we handle them. At times we are presented with changes in life which are for evil and we must oppose them. Sometimes even if frightening, changes may be just what we need and we have to plow right into them like a surfer hugging the perfect wave. Whether the change is something we’re looking forward to or dreading the reality is that God can use it not only for our good but for the good of those around us as well. In fact change is actually what God is looking for in us and the more we press into Him the more we are transformed into the image of Christ. The awesome thing from here is that the more we embrace positive change in our lives the more we have to offer a world in need of divine transformation.


John on Last Family Vacation before College.

John on Last Family Vacation before College.

John did call us when he arrived at his new home and it was fun to hear his stories of the road. Just before we got off the line I told him what my friend had said to me those years ago. I told him that he would be a different man when we saw him again. I told him that his world would change as well.  Later on after our call I prayed and committed my first born into the hands of God and let him go as a proud father does. I knew change was about to become a big part of my son’s life and I was glad for it.  As I look into the future I get excited to think about all the ways God will work through John to bring about positive change and build a new world for others. That is change that just makes me smile.


So what is your story of change as summer comes to an end?

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