News stories began to flow almost immediately about Russell Wilson after his team won the Super Bowl last night. Like many Christ followers I was impressed with his attitude and desire to give God the glory and believing in “the talent God gave him.”  Russell was right on as even our breath is a gift from God.  But another point that really struck my attention was what Wilson had to say about his father.  He referenced his dad a couple of times and specifically noted how his father would purposefully look at challenging situations with the question of; “why not you?” When I heard that it all came together.  That kind of fatherly encouragement is something that I’ve observed not only in the story of Wilson’s life, but in many other great leaders.  They had dads who believed in them.


Confidence is a foundational building block in leadership development and one that is sorely needed in our day.  The principle of speaking about a positive future in the life of a young person by a father or another male leader is of incalculable worth.  You just can’t measure how important something like that is to a young boy or man.  I know that many people in our day grew up without such a blessing and I can relate to that.  But all of us can be encouraged to know that there is a “Father of the fatherless” and one who calls us out of fear and into courage. No matter what our background is, we can know God and know his encouragement in our lives and see a future greater than we’ve ever imagined before.


In addition, as leaders today we can look at those coming behind us and speak into their lives.  What we saw passed down from father to son in Russell Wilson’s life is a rarity today.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In addition to my kids, I try to find opportunities to speak even small positive words to kids on my block and around me.  Recently I told a neighborhood boy the account of King David and Goliath and then finished my story with; “You know . . . you could be a great king someday too.”  Just one man or woman speaking a positive message of potential victory into the hearts of others is just what they need and it might even just be enough to change the world.


So, who are you encouraging today?

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