That’s right! Today marks the 25th anniversary for Deb and me. Earlier today I went up to Deb’s school and surprised her with an anniversary ring and a second proposal.  Big thanks to Kayla Stanfield for setting up the logistics.  For everyone who missed the occasion; my “Re- Proposal” went something like this:

Deborha, 25 years ago today we made a promise. I made one to you and you made one to me. More importantly, we made a covenant promise before God, the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We‘ve kept that promise.  We’ve been faithful to the covenant.  We’ve had quite the adventure.

I know that I’ve been hard to live with at times. I’ll even admit publically that I’ve been a complete jerk before.  I’ll own the fact that there have been situations where I have been mean to you.  I acknowledge that I’ve made a lot of really dumb decisions over the past 25 years.  I know it’s been a real stress at times.

And while I will quickly admit my faults and own them, I think that maybe I’ve gotten a little bit better over these past 25 years. God has been working on my heart and my soul and is continuing to make me into the man HE created me to be. So just maybe, I’ll be even better 25 years from now.

Deb; you could have snagged so many other guys.  You are incredibly smart, competent, and energetic, have a heart of Jesus, and are a real HOTTIE. You may not realize it, but there are lots of guys who would have asked you to marry them. Maybe one of those guys would have ended up being much more financially successful than me.  A little less ADHD than me.  More than likely one of those guys would have chosen a life path that would have been much more safe than mine.  But yet, their path would have also been a whole lot more boring.

But you didn’t say yes to them. You said yes to me.  It’s been a real adventure.

We have seen many things and have been in many places.  In saying yes to me 25 years ago you have experienced more than most women born in America.  You’ve been in and served in other countries and witnessed exciting events and have seen beautiful pieces of God’s creation.  You’ve been on the front of God’s mission and God has worked through us to draw people around the world closer to HIM.

June 2nd 1991.

June 2nd 1991.

Being married to you has been quite the exciting adventure.

With that said; I’d like to ask you now, if you’d be willing to sign up for another 25 years. I know; in one sense it’s not like you have a choice. But . . . if you did, if you did have a choice?  Not because you have to (because you’re already married) but because you’d want to.

Deborha Elizabeth, would you want to marry me all over again?  Today, before God, and these witnesses, would you say yes now and re-up for another 25 years?  I’d be most honored to spend the next 25 years with you in this grand adventure.

(At this point I presented Deb an Anniversary ring)

So Deb, will you again be the wife of my youth until death do us part?


-Deb responded with something along the lines of:  “Yes . . . oh my goodness!”

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