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Steve Hinton

Mailing address:

15419 Hazel Thicket Trail

Cypress, TX 77429 for email contact.

The Stats on Steve

Steve has been in the business of sharing God’s love in ministry for close to 20 years in a variety of ways.  After a number of different student ministries, he served in Moscow, Russia as a missionary from 1994 to 1996.  From there, Steve led in the area of preaching and discipleship in the located ministry from 1996 to 2004 in Indiana.  He has also served in several short term projects in Chile, Honduras, Ukraine, Australia, and India.  He has been in involved in the realm of church planting since 2004 when he and his family moved to California to plant a church from scratch.  In February of 2010, Steve moved to the Houston area to lead a turn around ministry with Cypress Crossings Christian Church.  Steve continues to dream big and encourages others to do the same as we make a kingdom difference in the community local and global.

Next to the grace of Christ, the biggest blessing in Steve’s life is his INCREBILE wife Debi and four kids.  Yes, that’s four kids.  Steve is a graduate of Ozark Christian College (BBL and BTH 94) and Cincinnati Christian Seminary (MA Practical Ministries 02)

On Steve’s Face Book page he says, “I’ve done a lot of really dumb things in my life. But I’m hanging on to the grace of God. I love God. I love my Wife. I love my kids. I love the CHURCH. I love making adventures in the Kingdom of Heaven.”