I’m excited about attending an upcoming “Turbo” church planting event at NorthWood Church in Keller this Thursday. The lead presenter is a guy named Bob Robertswho has been used by God in a great way not only to plant NorthWood over 20 years ago, but to assist in and send out over a hundred planters. I’m looking forward to gleaning some more wisdom on the subject and exploring more into the future direction God is calling us to. One thing that I am convinced of is that we are going to be involved in church planting whether that’s doing another plant or leading an established church into this realm of service. Along those lines, I’ve been asked a few times if there’s really a need for such a thing, especially in an area like DFW which has “tons of churches”. I’ve always told folks asking that it’s a good question and then given them some things to chew on. Without too much research, here are just four reasons for planting that immediately come to mind.

1. The existing churches we have now can’t keep up with population growth.

2. New churches are more focused on Evangelism.

3. The sad reality is that many of the established churches have plateaued or are dying and are not willing to make the necessary changes to reach out and grow.

4. The culture and ethnic makeup of the US is changing. We no longer have to go across the ocean to find different cultures; they are coming here. Therefore we need new churches which will reach these new groups. (This is a big one for me)

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