For Starters.

A huge lesson that I picked up over the past couple of years in the church plant that we did in Nor Cal is that the “Great Commission” of Christ was not to plant churches, but to make disciples. (Note Matt. 28) It’s real easy if you have enough money to draw a crowd. (unfortunately we never had enough money anyway) But it’s another thing to really bring people into discipleship with Jesus Christ. That’s the key. When that happens, then you really reproduce and multiply at exponential levels. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about Church Planting and hope to encourage a whole lot more of that. But the point is discipleship, not the institution.

Aug. 17th. Two great opportunities for potential church planters:

Endure Boot Camp, September 15-16, 2009 with Acts 29 Network.

Glocalnet. Church Planting Turbo with Northwood Church in Dallas. October 1st.

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