Asking about Abortion? Tonight at 8p Central.

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150How should we look at this major hot topic in our world today?  Do we really understand what women go through who are faced with unplanned pregnancies?  What exactly is the science on the issue?  We’ve heard the hype on both ends of the debate but what are the actual facts?  What can we do to help?  Join us this evening as Robert Tippet and I talk with our special guests Brittney McLeod and Emily Franks.  These two women have worked with ladies of crisis pregnancy situations and are well versed on the subjects and how we can shine the love of Christ into the real issues.  Brittney works with Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston and Emily works on weekly basis with ladies through The Source For Women.  Join us tonight at 8p central as we dive into the Discussion.  You can send in questions early here on the blog or our SND FB page and as always send in questions through our Google + page while the discussion is live.  We’ll also take live questions here and Face Book as well.

Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Question of Sin.


Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Question of Sin.   Join tonight as we look at the question of sin and how to respond to it.  As always you can send in questions here on, our SND Face Book page, or through our Google + page for quickest results. So grab a friend and we’ll see you tonight at 8p Central. Let the Discussions begin!

Q & A Tonight on the Discussions. 8p Central.

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150This week for the Discussions we’ll be diving into some specific questions that have come in from our viewing and listening audience.  Questions about God, the Bible, faith, pain and suffering?  All topics are open for the discussion this week.  Feel free to chime in if you want via Google + or our SND Face Book Page.


Life on Purpose!

SND-Logo-Concepts-Sm1-150x150Last season Robert and I hosted a discussion on the nature of Man.  At root were such questions as “where did we come from, who are we, and where are we going.”  We discussed the connection of origins and whether we are merely mistakes of natural chance or direct purposeful creations or a divine creator.  Tonight we’re taking that discussion to the next level and asking the question of one’s purpose or calling in life.  Are we created with a specific calling and purpose that exists only for us or do we live in a more general realm of possibilities?  Is there a balance or does it even matter as long we remain in the general will of God?  Tonight we’ll be joined by my brother, Eric Hinton, who is Dean of Students at Dallas Christian College.  Eric spends most of his days with young adults who are asking some of these very same questions.


So make plans to join us tonight at 8p Central for the discussions.  You can send in questions early or even during the show via Google + or on our SND Face Book page.  You can also send in questions and comments on my personal FB page or here on the blog. This week we will also do a “Week in Review.”


Grab some coffee, a diet coke, or a brew and we’ll see you then.