Jesus Christ. The Man in Question. Tonight at 8p Central.

“Who do people say I am?”  That question by Jesus Christ is probably one of the most important questions of all time.  Good teacher?  Misguided fanatic?  Son of God?  God himself in the flesh?  Those and other questions will be examined here tonight at 8p Central as we look at the identity of this mysterious man of whom so much debate has arisen over the past 2000 years.  Napoleon once proclaimed that he “knew men; and I tell you that Jesus Christ is not a man.”  True or False?  Fact of Fiction?  What are the ramifications?  So grab a friend and a good cup of coffee and we’ll see you tonight.  Remember that if you log in to the show through Google + and the “Sunday Night Discussions” page you can send in questions while the show is live.  You can also watch here and then send in questions to me via email or Face Book.  Looking forward to tonight and hope to see you soon.


A Holy Occupation. Part I.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  That’s the verse that came to mind yesterday morning around 9:15 or so when I felt like things were starting to go south.  It wasn’t that things were going bad but rather just a sense that the day was beginning to turn into more of a “Steve” day than a “God” day.    I was already on my way to “accomplishing things” but sensed little power and direction from above.  I had just turned out some sermon prep and was ready to tic a number of other things off the check list.  In the eyes of man I was on target to having a very successful day of busyness.  But maybe that’s where the problem was.  It’s so easy to allow the rush of the land and agenda of our corporate lifestyle to crowd God out.  The day actually started off on the wrong foot when I checked email on my phone not even five minutes after waking up and it wasn’t going much better by mid-morning.  So there I was, wrestling with the example of Jesus in Mark 1:35 and feeling like I had just gone back to the school house of prayer.  I was reminded once again that unless the first breaths of the day are guarded militantly the world will take the rest of the day away.  (more…)

The Divine Question. Part II.

Tonight we will take on part II of our discussion over Atheism verses Theism.   I’m excited  to finally sit down with my friend Robert Tippett as we interview Stan Stephen about his journey from growing up with a general Theistic world view, moving into atheism, and then back to God.  Stan is an incredibly intelligent man with a career in engineering.  His journey back to God simply began with rationalistic thinking and discovering the fallacies in many of the modern atheistic arguments.  So set your schedule now to meet us at 8p Central for the live webcast and feel free to send in questions if you are viewing through Google +.

“The Divine Question! Part I.”  Tonight at 8p Central.

“The Divine Question! Part I.” Tonight at 8p Central.

I’m looking forward to the “Discussions” this evening at 8p central.  Tonight we will have a self-proclaimed “30 Year Atheists” as one of our guest as we look at the question of divinity verses atheism.  We will also spend some time early in the show addressing a serious question regarding the Bible from last week’s show.  One of the key components of really making SND a great webcast is the questions that come in from our viewing audience.  No question is off limits and we’ll make an attempt to address as many as we can. I’ve posted the question that we’ll be looking at below.  It came from one of my newer fiends from Europe.  It’s going to be a great show so be sure to grab a friend and log in at 8p central.  If you have a Google + account you can also find the SND page and send in questions while the show is live.  Look forward to seeing you soon.